Habiba Addo In Performance

Join Habiba and her percussionist in experiencing the joy, richness and the relevance of West African cultures from countries such as Senegal, Guinea and Ghana through dance, drumming, songs and story telling. Her performances can be presented in schools, libraries or community centers and can be accompanied by dance and drummming workshops and/or residencies, or catered for special social events.

Habiba offers an interactive, multicultural performance with authentic West African costume, spiced with singing and movement. Audiences gain appreciation of the impact of West African cultures on other continents through the demonstration Afro-Cuban music and dance. Call and response, stories and authentic costume bring the cultures to life. The origin, technique and purpose of various drums are demonstrated. The relationship between dancer and drummer is expressed through powerful rhythm and graceful movements of traditional music and dance.

On The Stage

In addition to performing traditional African dance and music, Habiba is also an accomplished performing artist for the stage. She has appeared with the dance troupes Tiempo Caribe, Milagro Bailadores and Northwest Afrikan American Ballet, as well as with contemporary choreographers Gregg Bielemeier and the late Keith V. Goodman. Her theater credits include originating the role of Marni in Helen Hill's play "Perfection," and work with Miracle Theater Group in Portland, OR.

"...Addo is the showstopper, a short, round woman about as far from the idealized image of a dancer as can be imagined. Yet it was her full-bodied embrace of the joy and mischievous spirit of the dance -- a one-woman celebration, it was -- that imprinted itself on the memory."

~ Eric Bartels, Portland Tribune