Residency Opportunities with Habiba

Habiba's residency programs enhance understanding of African arts and cultural traditions, promoting and maintaining interaction and community involvement while increasing respect for the similarities and differences between cultural groups. Residencies have been hosted by public schools and libraries, universities, private studios and cultural centers throughout the United States and Pacific Northwest. Ranging anywhere from ½ day to a week or longer, residencies may culminate in a presentation and/or performance. Please contact Habiba to design and host an original, relevant residency in your community.

A teaching residency in your school exposes students to the richness and accessibility of West African culture, which instills tolerance, mutual respect and a celebration of daily life. Everyone belongs and matters. Students learn self-reliance and the safety of being part of a caring and strong community while gaining a deep appreciation and understanding of other cultures through the experience of singing, dancing, drumming, traditional dress and storytelling. Classes and workshops can be discipline-specific and/or interdisciplinary and collaborative, allowing students to learn both effortlessly and creatively.

"Habiba's professional integrity and dedication, her compassion for children, her ability to inspire and empower all who are fortunate to take a class with her, is phenomenal. We here at the Bay City Arts Center have had the honor of working with Habiba as the centerpiece in our week long West African Day Camp for two years now. The culminating celebration she organizes has consistently rocked our coastal community, creating enormous joy and rediscovered unity. Habiba is a one of a kind performer and a rare, gifted teacher."

~ Helen Hill, Co-Director of Bay City Arts Center