Habiba Addo, Teaching Artist

Habiba Addo is a performing artist who teaches and shares the rhythms, dances, culture and stories of West Africa from countries such as Ghana, Senegal, Cuba, Guinea as well as the African Diaspora with both adults and children. Through her work as an educator, Habiba has been empowering children and adults from all walks of life for over a decade.  Students and audiences experience exciting cultures, community, self-respect, kindness, play, valuable information, self-confidence, joy and a celebration of life through her classes, workshops and performances.

Habiba lives her art through continuous study and practice. Combining her knowledge and deep appreciation for these cultures with a natural talent for movement, storytelling and her amazing vocal abilities, she teaches and performs with both infectious joy and adept technical accuracy. She's a recipient of numerous awards and grants honoring her ability to transmit authentic African culture to diverse audiences. Anyone who has taken her class will testify that she blends her sense of humor with extremely genuine respect and love for these revered traditions. 

"Habiba Addo taught African Dances for one of our Advanced Level Workshop classes. Our dancers learned an incredible amount from her. She is a careful and patient teacher who instantly commands respect and attention. I would have her back in a flash."

~ Tim Ryan, Director, Center for Movement Arts